Do you have strange things lying around your house?One lace glove? A broken doll? An amazing photo?

Do you have a zine or like to write letters?

Want something to do with these things? Want to send them to someone? Want to get something sent to you?

Here is your chance!


I would love to swap/trade things! I have lots of things around! Bits and peices of nonsense that are bound to be exactly what someone else is looking for.

I will ALWAYS send things back to anyone who sends things to me!

Let me know what you want or be surprised!


Also I would be more then willing to trade prints or oringal artwork for random bits of amusement!

So if you would like to do a swap, either for 'stuff' or prints let me know!



Postcards, alice in wonderland related things, peacock feathers, artwork, clothing, gloves, brooches, jewelry, candy, letters, poetry, stories, photographs, stationary, stickers... etc.

send to:

A. Langston
p.o. box 98582
Lakewood, WA 98498