Something More

"whats your problem?"

I didnt know i had one at the moment.

21 years of not fitting in all roll together... i cant remember if that girl who made fun of me was during grade school.. or high school.

I can, however, picture the bathrooms in my grade school, i can picture them from high school.. but for the life of me i cant remember what color they were.

They blend in with every fast-food joint restaurant. They blend in with the one at 'subway' that they kicked me out of...

The bathroom that stands out is the one i had in my apartment in SF. Shared it with the apartment on the other side.
it had cockroaches. the bathtub was the old claw-footed type, beautiful... tall enough to sit in and have the water come to your armpits. It stood almost a foot away from the wall. There was a window on that wall and i kept knocking the soaps out the window. It had a curtain that hung from a circular bar that was just above head length, like a hospital. You had to pull it all the way around the tub so you could take a shower.

thank you bob and amanda

My mothers Aunt in IOWA used to work the carnival. They toured around that area and the south. When it was off season they ran a junk-yard/dump sort of thing. but not like nowadays.. this one was clean and organized. my mother used to spend the summers there. in iowa.
With the Carny Folk.

They didnt have nice bathrooms. They didnt even have indoor plumbing.

(C) A. Langston