You ugly people dont know anything. Life for you revolves around defecation and sex.

You think you breathe so therefore you deserve to live. When you havent earned the right to breathe.

High school Graduation meant everything to you. Prom is something you wish you could still participate in.

That is all there is to you. You go no deeper then your new car and your parents house.

You dont DO anything. You dont SEE anything. You eat fast food and complain about the quality.

How are we the same animal. How.

You beat your kids, and beat your dogs, you beat the odds of abortion. Unfortunately.

Your life was ruined by a 'break-up'. By a car crash. Shaken by a failed class.

You have a job so you can have friends. You have friends so you can fill your time.

Because you couldnt think of something to do on your own.

You dont DO anything. You are a leach, and a drain. A walking soap opera.

You have a car. You use your cellphone. You are happy.

When you die no one will remember. No one will care. No one will cry after the buffet is served.

You would rather watch television then think.

You dont understand how anyone can live without television. Without name brands. Without people like you.

People who have nothing to hold on to. Not even themselves.

Putrid wastes of flesh. You smile at me, you try to relate.

You want to understand, and figure things out. You want more friends.

You wont stick around because I will not cause you harm.

Because I will not hit you. Because i will not demean you. Because i will not bring massive amounts of drama.

Because you are not worth it.

You want entertainment. Entertainment instead of life.You want an excuse to COMPLAIN.

Still you wont risk being interesting enough to have legitimate strife.

You want car chases and skinny models, and you want it all wrapped up in two takes like a television show.

Because you cant grasp the fact that you suck.

That you are an idiot. That all your preening and good intentions only make you a bigger fool.

Your drug store beauty makes you uglier.

Your self esteem seems pathetic. Belief that you have worth makes you laughable.

No kindness, no honesty. You have nothing good. No talent, no charisma.

This is the definition of ugly. This is you.